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EKIN's Kebab

Ekin Kebab products are some ready to cook kebab, of different weight from 10 to 50 kgs.
Multiple choice : veal, veal/turkey, chicken, turkey/chicken or doner kebab with mince meat.
Information regarding Doner Kebab
For Turkish people, the art of transforming meat is 2500 years old.
Doner kebab, inseparable dish from Turkish food, which 1st receipe comes from central asia under the name of 'Lule kebab', joined the Anatolie under its actual form.

From nowadays, Doner kebab is a food product the most used in Europe.
Doner kebab is meat (veal, sheep or poultry), refined and spiced, presented on a rotating brooch and then cut in thin slices. Doner kebab is eaten either as a dish or sandwiches with fresh vegetables and various sauces.

We pay a lot of attention to hygiene, otherwise, consumers can get indigestion. Doner kebab are made for public consumption have to be manufactured under specific condtions such as :

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