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EKIN's Quality

Ekin : photo 1Rules to respect :

1/ Wash hands in an appropriate place before and after touching products

2/ never use the same tools for cooked food and raw food

3/ try not to mix raw and cooked food

4/ use clean and disinfected kitchen knives or electric knives. Clean the support where knifes are hold.

5/ Ingredients used to make the doner kebab, as every single food product, can be easily contaminated. This is why it is very important to write the manufacturing and peremption date on each packaging.
Moreover, it is compulsory to use the cold chain.

6/ respect doner kebab temperature until consumption of the product.
Ekin : photo 2
7/ If you wish to make you doner kebab, it is important to make it in a clean and cool place and keep mince meat in the fridge until utilisation.

8/ before its use and 'unfreeze'.

9/ food that might be contaminated has to be kept at 5° or less. Control of the tempature with a thermometer.

10/ once unfrozen, food has to be used immediately for cooking

11/ meet has to be cooked at more than 60°

12/ never use a product cooked from the previous day, good is perimated.

Extra FV has made its reputation on its serious commitment and transparency and has succeeded to create a dynamic, by showing its will in hygiene and security, by appointing a security and hygiene company.
Management of professional risks is unseparable from quality management and gets to its improvement as well as the 'brand image of the company.
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