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In connection with EKIN

Working in Paris an dits surbub, Extra FV, created on the 12th march 1998 produces and sells frozen chips (43tons).

Extra FV got diversified and proposes kebab meat and various fast food products: sauces, Turkish pizzas...
Ekin : vente en franceAfter 2 years Extra FV has grown and managed to meet a growing market demand.
In 2000, Extra FV reached, thanks to the management of its distribution plan, 100tons monthly sales of Chips.
2001 was a very important year for Extra FV which is known for its rigour, its quality products but also for its fast development. Monthly sales of Chips are 150tons.

This step has driven Extra FV to look further than Paris and its surbub. It starts to sell products in the region of Bordeaux.

Extra FV has got an unmistakable experience which allowed it to win its fame.

2002 has also been a good year in term of growing sales. Whereas the first signs of European markets calls were shown, Extra FV creates its own brand : Ekin.
Ekin : Vente en EuropeIn parallel to its own sales, the company sells in different French areas under exclusivity.
Nowadays, Ekin range is present from north to south, on the global French restaurant market.
1000tons is the monthly weight of Chips sold in 2003/2004.

Ekin decides to develop its business in the European markets and decides to sell its products in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium, country of chips.

In 2005, Extra FV is known as a leading company on food market in France and in 5 countries in Europe ; it relays on its monthly capacity to sell 1500tons of chips as well as its irreproachable hygiene and well known quality of its products.

Extra FV has received a prize 'Gazelle 2005' from Ministry of Small and Medium Companies, from Crafts and liberal jobs chamber, for being one of the 2000 companies able to have reached the fastest growth during 2003/2004.

For its presence in food market and its slogan 'No competition, creates its competitors', Extra FV is getting stronger and is well settled n food market and keeps the Turkish art of meat transformation.
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